Some Stila

Hey, everyone! Last year, I bought a lot of makeup from Stila. Now I’ve had so much use out of them, it’s a perfect time to review them!

To start this off, I bought three eyeshadow products. The first being one of their Magnificent Metals in the shade Metallic Violet. In an attempt to switch up from my usual orangey-pinky eye look, I chose this bright purple. It was exactly what I was looking for and it’s definitely a new go to for a glitter eye. It is so pigmented and it lasts forever. It came with a mixing tray and a little mixing liquid which means it can be made into more of a liquid which again, is extremely long lasting.IMG_5515IMG_5514IMG_5530

The next eyeshadow products I got were two standard eyeshadows in the shades Kitten and Citrine. Kitten is the most perfect shade and it can easily be used as a highlighter on my skin tone! Citrine is a beautiful deep brown, shimmer color. I was expecting a lighter copper color but the shade it is, is equally as good! I get so much use out of these eyeshadows most days because I know I can rely on them for great pigmentation and easy blending.


I also got two eyeliners, one in the shade Stingray which is black and one in the shade Damsel, a brown. These are the best pencil eyeliners I have come across so far for your tight line because they do not smudge whatsoever! I hardly use eyeliner on my lid so I can’t tell you how that would go but these are definitely a MUST for your waterline.IMG_5516

I purchased a convertible color in the shade Peony and I love the way that this looks on the lips and cheeks. It is perfect for the days where you don’t want too much makeup and you want a cream blush that isn’t overly pigmented and may go patchy. It works well with the Sheer color tinted moisturizer for a very natural look. I love brown shades on the lips and it comes across as a deep shade on the lips which is extremely beautiful. I love this on the lips so so much when I’m not feeling a lip liner/liquid lipstick combo.IMG_5510IMG_5511IMG_5518

Lastly, I bought the Magnificent Metals lipgloss in the shade Kitten. This is simply stunning over any lip color. When I am feeling a glossy lip, this is what I go for. I use this rather than my MAC lip glass now {surprisingly}. It is so shimmery, even glittery and I know that not a lot of people like the glitter in lipgloss but this just does it amazingly and not chunky at all. As well as this, it is not sticky! I feel like that’s why no one reaches for lip gloss anymore and it’s such an old trend because they are all so sticky! But not this one!IMG_5523

I know that this was a long review but I have waited long to write it and I want you to know what I think of everything! I am extremely happy with each product and I keep going to the Stila counter wondering what next I should buy. Maybe next will be the Eyes Are The Window To The Soul eyeshadow palette.


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